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Antero de Quental

Main masterpieces:   

  • Sonetos de Antero (1861) 
  • Beatrice e Fiat Lux (1863)
  • Odes Modernas (1865)
  • Bom Senso e Bom Gosto (1865)
  • Portugal perante a Revolução de Espanha (1868)
  • Considerações sobre a Filosofia da História Literária Portuguesa (1872)
  • A Poesia na Actualidade (1881)
  • Sonetos Completos (1886)
  • A Filosofia da Natureza dos Naturistas (1886)
  • Raios de Extinta Luz (1892)

Historical period in literature: 
Modern literature, period from Romanticism to Symbolism


The three dimensions and essential themes

The work of Antero de Quental has three dimensions

- social in which he analyzes society, seeks to find the causes of its decline and proposes solutions based on the utopian socialism of Proudhon

- philosophical under the predominant influence of Hegel for whom the idea is the ultimate goal to reach;
- and poetic that deals with the Love and the Reason, sources of harmony in the individual and on the society; the night, dreams and death, the pessimism of returning to emptiness.

The essential themes of his poetry are God, Love, Justice, Fraternity, Death, Loneliness and Emptiness.


Consulted sources:  

Portal da Literatura Portuguesa

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