Monday, July 16, 2012

Guerra Junqueiro

Main masterpieces: 

  • A Morte de D. João (1874) 
  • A Musa em Férias (1879)
  • A Velhice do Padre Eterno (1885)
  • Finis Patriae (1890)
  • Os Simples (1892)
  • Oração ao Pão (1903)
  • Oração à Luz (1904)

Historical period in literature: 
Modern literature, period from Romanticism to Symbolism

Casa Museu Guerra Junqueiro in Oporto, a place with History


This is a place of passage almost mandatory for anyone who wants to meet literature and nature, even though it lies in the city. It is indeed a pleasant place and inviting to moments of reflection and psychological well-being.

In the small garden, rests a bronze sculpture that immortalizes the poet Guerra Junqueiro.


Consulted sources:  

Portal da Literatura Portuguesa

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