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José Régio

Main masterpieces: 

  • Poemas de Deus e do Diabo (1925; category: Poetry)
  • Jogo da Cabra Cega (1934; category: Fiction)
  • As Encruzilhadas de Deus (1936; category: Poetry)
  • Jacob e o Anjo (1940; category: Theatre)
  • Fado (1941; category: Poetry)
  • O Príncipe com Orelhas de Burro (1942; category: Fiction)
  • Mas Deus é Grande (1945; category: Poetry)
  • Benilde e a Virgem Mãe (1947; category: Theatre)
  • El-Rei Sebastião (1949; category: Theatre)
  • A Salvação do Mundo (1954; category: Theatre)
  • A Chaga do Lado (1954; category: Poetry)
  • Há Mais Mundos (1962; category: Fiction)

Historical period in literature: 
Modern literature, Modernism period 

A lucid mind to his time

As a writer, José Régio was devoted to romance, theater, poetry and essay. Central in his work are the issues of conflict between God and Man, the individual and society. Carrying out a constant self-contained analysis and insight, his work is strongly marked by the psychologist tone and, simultaneously, by a mysticism which is shown in restless reasons as angelism or redemption in suffering.
His poetry of great lyrical and dramatic tension, often presents itself as a kind of dialogue between different levels of consciousness. The same psychological intensity, combined with a sense of social criticism, takes place in fiction. 


Benilde ou a Virgem Mãe adapted into movie in 1975

Director: Manoel de Oliveira 
Cast: Glória de Matos, Jacinto Ramos, Maria Barroso
Poster de «Benilde ou a Virgem Mãe»
Poster of the movie

Casa Museu José Régio in Vila do Conde

This is not a museum arranged as such. It is the home where José Régio exposed some of the many pieces gathered over his life
For more information please visit the website Casa Museu José Régio


Consulted sources:  

Portal da Literatura Portuguesa

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